Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Club Upcoming Events

Next Few Events

  1. Seaplane Flying- Sunday September 14 ,2014 beginning at 9:00am. Finish time is determinite upon the flyers. Location is the north end of Wood Lake across from the Oyama firehall.
  2. General Meeting - Wednesday October 1, 2014 outdoors at the Senior's Centre on Richter Ave.

MAAC dues may be purchased through the club or online at MAAC by clicking on the MAAC logo top left.

Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Club


  • Current flying times are from 8:00am until dark, except electrics night flying may continue until 11:00pm
  • No aircraft with a db greater than 92 are allowed at any time

Recent Korc Images.

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Jason with Slick120

Hanging on the prop

Freshly mowed