Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Club Upcoming Events

Next Few Events

  1. New Years Day fun fly- Thursday January 1, 2015 at the field.We will be starting the day off around 10:00 am and will be enjoying each others company for several hours(2:00 pm). There will be chilli and a bun for a modest donation of $5 per person. Any baked goods or other items you wish to share with others are up to you, but feel free to bring something if you can. If you plan on doing any flying that day remember that your MAAC dues need to be paid up by then. Applications for MAAC will be available and can be filled out there as well.
  2. General Meeting - Wednesday January 7, 2015 at the Senior's Centre on Richter Ave.

*** MAAC insurance will be the only requirement for indoor flying, please note that non-marking shoes are needed. Helis no bigger than a 250 size to be flown, Multi rotors less than 16 oz and planes less 16 oz. Indoor flying rules will be in effect and a flight line will be established for safety. Fees will be $20 dollars a head and $30 for families***

MAAC dues may be purchased through the club or online at MAAC by clicking on the MAAC logo top left.

Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Club


  • Current flying times are from 8:00am until dark, except electrics night flying may continue until 11:00pm
  • No aircraft with a db greater than 92 are allowed at any time

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Great shot

Heading for takeoff

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Vertical seaplane


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