Where Do We Fly?

Our flying club is located just off Highway 97 in Lake Country on Lodge Rd. On the menu bar open menu item "About KORC" then click on "Directions" for detailed information on finding the Winfield flying field as well as the monthly meeting locale. At the field, if the gate is unlocked, we're flying!!

Can I Come Out and Watch?

Absolutely, if the gate is unlocked, come on in. Spectators are very welcome. While at the field, please remain in the spectator area. Spectators are not allowed in the pit area or on the runway area, unless accompanied by a member of the club.

What Do I Need To Fly RC Aircraft?

You will need an aircraft, a radio, and some basic tools. If flying electric you will need batteries. If flying gas, you will need fuel and some starting equipment. And of course, you will need a club membership & MAAC insurance, which can be obtained through the club.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

A beginner airplane or helicopter setup with radio will typically cost under $500. Adult KORC membership w/ MAAC included is just over $200, while a junior/student w/ MAAC included is under $50.

How Do I Learn To Fly?

For airplanes, beginners start out using a buddy box system. This allows the instructor to take off and land, then switch control over to the student's radio for regular flying. If the student gets into trouble, the instructor can quickly take back control. For helicopters, a buddy box system is not advised. Beginners start by learning to hover and this is done close to the ground. Training gear used during the initial flights provides a wide base to land the helicopter and also a small cushion in case the heli is landed too hard. The best recommendation we can make is to get a good Simulator program for your computer! You can practice flying, and crash, and reset, without hurting your wallet, anyone else, or your pride (and joy)! Oh, and Practice, Lots!

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting, or at the field!